All you need to manage your suppliers, perfectly integrated.

Purchase orders
Prepare digital purchase orders quickly using inventory items and email them directly to your suppliers
Creating a new purchase order has never been so easy. Adding products to the purchase orders is easy with the help of the low stock products tab and the filters to show products by supplier or category

  • Smart add of products: filter by stock status, supplier, category
  • Autocompletion of supplier product code and price
  • Customise purchase orders with your company logo
  • Status workflow: track the various statuses of the order
Suppliers price list
Store the product price list of your suppliers
Save for each supplier the products price and code. These information are used when creating a new purchase order to populate automatically the product price and code.
Suppliers tracking
Associate the supplier to each stock movement
Every time you modify the stock of a product you can associate the supplier and save the related price. In the product details section you can see the stock availability drilled down per supplier.

  • Multiple suppliers per product
  • Purchase price history
  • Suppliers anagraphic