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The smart way to manage your warehouse!

WAMA is cloud, you can access your warehouse data from smartphones, tablets, desktops and any browser.

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All you need in your hands


Keep track of your stock

Get alerted when your stock is running low or the expiry date is approaching. Scan the products barcode with the smartphone camera or using an external scanner. Organize products in categories and keep track of locations and suppliers.


Sell fast and easily

Turn your smartphone into a POS and sell your products in a few touches. You can accept different payment methods including credit/debit cards using the new card reader integration. Send receipts via email with the order status automatically updated.


Procurement made easier

When you need to replenish your stock you can easily create purchase orders and send them directly to the suppliers. With the supplier price lists the product prices and codes are automatically completed. When you receive the goods the warehouse stock is automatically updated.

And there is much more

Barcode scanner
Use the phone camera or a handheld barcode scanner to search for products and to update the stock
You don't need any expensive barcode scanner, WAMA can simply use the smartphone camera to scan the barcodes. For advanced use, you can also connect a handheld barcode scanner to the Android app and to the WEB app using a Bluetooth or USB connection.
Accept card payment
No contract, simple Pay-as-you-go pricing without fixed costs
Connect the SumUp Card Reader via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet and accept card payments from your clients.
Public API
Integrate your existing software and hardware with WAMA using the public REST JSON API
The public REST API opens WAMA to the world offering unlimited extensibility allowing you to integrate the app with your e-commerce shop or any other software and hardware that is essential to your business.