All the features integrated in one app. Continuously updated with new features.

Keep track of your stock in real time
Keep under control your stock levels and get alerted when you are running out of stock. Organise products with the categories, track locations, suppliers and expiry dates. All the information are securely saved online and accessible from all your users.
Sell you products easily with the integrated POS
Create sales orders with the android or web app and send the receipt via email to your customers. You can have different price per customer with the customer price lists. You can configure multiple point of sales and also create an online product catalogue customisable with your colours and logo.
Create purchase orders and send them your suppliers via email
You can easily create purchase orders, select easily the products that are running out of stock or filter them by supplier or category. With the supplier price list you can automatically fill the price and the product code.
Multi point of sales and multi warehouses
Complete support for multiple point of sales and warehouses
Each point of sale and warehouse allow you to separate the information but also to share information among them. You can check the product stock availability across all warehouses and transfer product from one point of sale to another. With the user roles you can define who is able to access to each point of sale (warehouse)
Stock transfers
To transfer the stock to a point of sale or to a customer
The stock transfer functionality allows to transfer stock to another point of sale or to a customer. The stock transfer can also be automatically created from a sale order. You can also download, print or send via email the delivery note.
Multi users with roles management
Invite other users to access your data and decide what they can do with the user roles.
You can limit the visibility of the information and the functionalities available to each user. WAMA stores automatically information about who create and modified data, you can check who modified the stock or who created an order.
Dashboard and reports
All the report and statistics are easily accessible through the dashboard. You can select a custom time range for the dashboard data. We constantly add more information and graphs to the dashboard. Other reports are also available in the product details section and in other areas of the app.
Get alerted via email or Android notification when the stock is getting low or when a stock transfer is arriving. More notifications will be available with the next updates including product due to expire and sales orders.
Bulk data import and export
Import or export data in an Excel format
If you have your data in another software or you are using a spreadsheet to store your information you can easily import them all with the import functionality. You can use the import also to update in bulk your data. The export allows you to download a spreadsheet with all the information, you can also customise the date range of information to export.
Customise the functionalities available in WAMA.
WAMA is modular you can selectively activate only the modules that make sense for your business. When a module is disabled all the buttons and menus are removed to have a clean and simple user interface.
Automatic sync and updates
All the information are saved in cloud
We take care to save securely all your information in the cloud. This allows us to offer real time updated information to all the user of your account and to protect from data loose in case you or your employee misplace the device. We constantly update the app adding new features and fixing any error. You don't need to do anything we take care of all the updates.
Multi currency and multi tax
All you need for international businesses
Multiple taxes (VAT) and currencies are supported. When creating or editing a price you can select the currency and tax from a dropdown.
Unlimited free support
We are always available to help you
If you need help or you have any question regarding the app and its functionalities you can contact the support to ask help. We are always listening to the user feedback to improve the app with changes and new functionalities.